Biedermeier Classical Hanging Chandelier Glass Beads Handwoven

Biedermeier Classical Hanging Chandelier Glass Beads Handwoven

Here is a rare circa 1830 Biedermeier Classical Handwoven Glass Beads Chandelier, made in the Ore Mountains, Germany.

This type of chandelier is completely woven by hand with a multitude of glass beads to form classical style garlands, tassels and flowers. It is very rare to see one these chandeliers survive the test of time for almost two centuries.

These chandeliers were made for a special occasion, such as a wedding, or Christmas. This one has 3 candleholders.

This beautiful chandelier boasts a serene elegance; its design is flawless in its sobriety and petite size, especially if you compare it to its larger, more exhuberant, multi-colored late 19th Century Victorian counterparts.

Condition: Ready to hang and complete with all its beads. A few of the beads are chipped and broken. Please look at all of the pictures. This chandelier could be electrified easily.

country of origin: Germanyperiod: 19th c.
price: 1200.00
height: 28" x width: 15" x diameter: 15"
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